Thursday, July 23, 2015

NXT Time (Part 1 of 2)

My good friend and long-time contributor to this blog, David, emailed me a large set of photos he recently took while attending NXT matches over the last couple of weekends. I've split them up into two parts for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for these great pics, David!
Zack Ryder

Jason Jordan vs Zack Ryder

Ty Dillinger aka Shawn Speras


  1. So much hotter than what they televise...

  2. Funny the last guy (being held by Spears) looks like someone you focused on awhile ago. I think he had a army or marine background. Lots of folks here complained he was made to be a hero because of his background but ended up jobbing a lot

    1. I think it is Steve Cutler, formerly Tommy Maclin (Monster Factory Pro Wrestling), really Steve Krupyk, who was/is a US Marine.
      WWE seems to use his background for patriotic purposes when it wants to, but then they have him job all over the place. I am fairly sure I commented negatively on that.
      I like a good squash match, but if NXT is supposedly developing the best of the best, what does it say when Baron Corbin destroys someone like Cutler in 18 seconds?

    2. Correction, Cutler's real name is Stephen Kupryk. Accidentally eliminated his "pryk."