Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month : Prime Beefcake (Part 1)

Here are just some of the beefcake wrestlers featured in this blog in July 2010. Most of these guys are still active in the ring (Jessie Godderz, Joey Ryan, Magnus, Brandon T to name a few) while a few have retired from the sport altogether (Anthony Bravado, Jimmy Preston, DJ Gabriel). Were any of these wrestlers a favorite of yours back then?
Brett Barnes aka Brett Idol

Brandon T (now known as Bram on TNA Impact)

DJ Gabriel

Mark Jindrak (now known as Marco Corleone in Mexico)

Jon Cutler

Magnus (aka Nick Aldis)

Jessie Godderz

Joey Ryan

Jimmy Preston

Matt Cross

Anthony Bravado


  1. Jimmy Preston dropped out of wrestling a few years ago but came back in 2013 with lots of attitude. Now he is Jimmy Preston, the "One Man Thrill Ride."

  2. I can't believe Godderz has been wrestling 5 years now. He's aged well it seems. Barely looks any different. Magnus looks really different now too. Aged very well in my opinion and is super hot.

  3. I don't think the second pic is DJ Gabriel. He is not as big as that guy. I would like to know who he is though. Barnes, Jindrak, Magnus, Godderz, Cutler are all great looking guys with superb bodies.

    1. It's him. Check out his page:

  4. Here's the gap Anonymous referred to:

    65 28.06.2013 Bob Evans defeats Jimmy Preston
    TRP @ Brockton Fair in Brockton, Massachusetts, USA
    66 18.09.2009 Jimmy Preston & Matt Taven defeat The Red Devil Fight Team (Aleksander Chekov & Mikhail Ivanov)
    TRP @ Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

  5. Jimmy Preston, wins by year:

    1 2015 12 7 58.3
    2 2014 33 11 33.3
    3 2013 20 9 45.0
    4 2009 12 8 66.7

  6. Bravado's last match was in December 2008. DJ Gabriel aka Steve Lewington's was in April 2010.

  7. My apologies. That pic IS of DJ Gabriel (or Steve Lewington). I was thinking of Justin Gabriel.