Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Body Shots : In The Ring

Which one's your favorite?
Rionne McAvoy (aka Rionne Fuijwara)

Chuck Cyrus

Pepper Parks


Tyson Dos Santos (aka Tyson Furia)

Mike Bennett

Dunkan Disorderly

Damian Slater

Randy Summers (center)

Joe Graves (kneeling)


  1. UnID'd is J. R. Kratos.
    Behind Graves is his former tag-team partner, Julian Jamison. I think Jamison left wrestling.
    Great shot of Chuck Cyrus.

  2. Thanks for pointing me to Rionne of late! He is a stud in still pics. I take it he's Aussie and Japanese? Looks white. Very hot

  3. The beast in 4th pic in white trunks is the monster JR Kratos. You should see him wrestle the smaller guys. Absolute destruction.

  4. Wow!! Possibly your hottest set of wrestlers yet! They are all great with the possible exception of Pepper Parks, who is a bit too animated for my tastes.

  5. If Mike Bennett is on the list (bearded or not), I always pick him first, but Rionne McAvoy and Damian Slater are sure giving Mike a run for his money this time around.

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