Friday, February 10, 2017

Beefcakes In Action

Unidentified (Mexico)


Royce Isaacs

Dezmond Xavier (left)

Andrei Ivanov (left)

Charlie Garrett aka Charlie Best


  1. Wow, who's the guy facing off with Ivanov? Ivanov is 6'7" and that guy nearly matches him for height. Would love to see a tape of that match.

  2. The very first wrestler is La Sombra without his mask, currently wrestling in NXT under the name Andrade Almas.

  3. Also a second correction - Charlie Garrett is now known as Charlie Sterling. He did change his name briefly to Charlie Best, but changed to Sterling a few days later.

  4. For those fond of Royce Isaacs, I recently came across the Youtube channel ( the National Wrasslin’ League, a pro wrestling organization based on the premise of competition between shows in St. Louis and Kansas City. It regularly posts both individual matches and full shows in high-quality video. A number of BoW wrestlers appear, with new names: Isaacs is Scott Slade (remarkably more sympathetic without his tongue out); Moonshine Mantell is Maverick; the Riegel twins are the Royal twins; Sam Udell is Dak Draper; Devin Thomas is Thor Theriot; etc.