Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Beefcakes of Wrestling Turns 6!

Yup, this blog turns six years old today, February 14. Can you believe it? I try to post something to this blog every day so that you, dear reader, will have something to enjoy. Here are a few images from the last six years along with a short explanation of the BoW philosophy.
This image of Brett Barnes captures what
Beefcakes of Wrestling is all about -- looks,
body, gear, and attitude.
Where would this blog be without its longtime contributors like
Jim from Chicago who has covered dozens of independent wrestling events
and wrestlers (like one of my personal favorites, Vic Capri)?
Thanks for all your great work, Jim!

And if David from Florida had never come across this blog, we wouldn't
have the pleasure of seeing all the amazing photos he's taken of some
of the best beefcake (like Tino Sabatelli) to step into the WWE/NXT ring.
Thanks for being a longtime contributor, David!

Who was the very first beefcake to be featured here on BoW six years ago?
This muscleman -- Anthony Bravado.

Here on BoW, I  like to feature  relatively obscure independent wrestlers
like Jaxon Dane (who is no longer active as a wrestler). There's
something very exciting about discovering a relative unknown
with great potential.

Beefcakes in Action is one of this blog's recurring features and is a
collection of striking photos depicting wrestlers doing what they do best.
This particular photo of Joey Ryan could also appear on Sunday's
Caption This! post.
Body Shots is another recurring collection of
images that focus on, you guessed it, the body.
Some of the images are of wrestlers posing while
other images show them in the ring (like this one of Chris Dickinson).

Beefcakes of Wrestling is international. I love
featuring wrestlers from all over the world: USA, The UK,
Japan, Mexico, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, Russia,
Belgium, South Africa, India, Singapore...and so on.
The photo above is of British wrestler Tyler Bate
at the age of 16.

It's nice to see our favorite beefcake wrestlers outside of
their "natural habitat." Whether it's modelling (like Mark Jindrak), acting,
or working out at the gym, if I find a good picture, you can bet I'll post it.
It's always a thrill to see the wrestlers acknowledge this blog.
And I love hearing from you, my readers.
Leave your comments in the Comments section below
or shoot me an email at brunomartin62@gmail.com.


  1. Congratulations, Bruno! I love this site. I frequent it so often that it's in my autocomplete. I think it's a very positive place too, celebrating these wrestlers for what they do and what they've accomplished (and a great spot to just fawn over both of those things as well. Oh, Brett Barnes. My perfect Idol.)

    Here's to another 6!

  2. Thanks for your efforts, Bruno!
    You have been doing a great job for these six years... here's to six more (at least)... RayAtL

  3. Amazing work. Six years and never a dull moment! Anon.

  4. Happy 6th Birthday!! I look at your blog every day. You do show the hottest wrestlers on the planet. Thank you so much. Loved seeing that pic of Brett Barnes - what an ass he has. May there be many more years of watching these Beefcakes of Wrestling. You're the best Bruno!

  5. This blog has become one of my "go-to" places, that I can't believe that this blog is only SIX years old! It is a testament to your hard work, the very nice interesting pictures of wrestling men, and the community that you've created. I salute you and remain proud of your work!

  6. Great blog and great post. I love your taste, your work ethic, your vision for this blog. Proud to have helped done some work for this site too. It's helped me through hard times. Great to have collaborated with someone with such a keen eye for this little niche of hot men we've been privy to. Thanks again for everything!

    1. The last one of Cody Vance's facebook post is the best though haha

  7. Felicitations on the big six. Readers, in honor of this anniversary, why not share your favorite Image for each year? Sadly, I don't have enough time right now to create my own list.

    Valentine's Day is also my conception day. Mom and Dad making up and voilĂ ! nine months later there I was!