Monday, February 27, 2017

Muscle Monday : Jessie Godderz

No introduction needed.


  1. Enjoyed seeing Jessie get roughed up a bit by Bad Bones here:

  2. I see you took Neil's comment to heart. ;) Glad to see the real Mr. Pectacular make another appearance.

  3. Jesse's body looks great. But for some reason, he's just not that hot to me. I love his cocky attitude. His self-centeredness I think is probably a genuine reflection of who he really is, as opposed to a character, and I even find that hot. Honestly, I think it's his face. He's sexy. But not handsom.

  4. I couldn't disagree more with Anonymous. I think Jesse Godderz has the best body in pro-wrestling. He is huge and very well proportioned - not overly muscled. He chooses his gear
    so well that make him look even sexier and I think he is incredible good looking with a beautiful smile. Love everything about him.

  5. It now appears that Jessie may be done with TNA :(

  6. I agree about his sex-appeal; it is phenomenal. His ass is a work of art. I have impure thoughts every time I see him. He'd make a fortune as a porn-star (not that I'm suggesting that he should go that way...)

    1. and why not suggest he go that way? ;)