Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PEC-tacular Tease

Man cleavage is the subject of PecTease, a website that features lots of images of the fleshy mounds, deep valleys, and furry furrows of the male pectoral muscle. "When a peek of pec is all you need," is the site's witty slogan so don't expect to see any exposed chests or male nipples. PecTease is all about the tease -- a deep cut tank top, an unbuttoned shirt, a formfitting lycra top.  So what does PecTease have to do with Beefcakes of Wrestling? Several weeks ago, I was contacted through email by the site's administrator, asking me if it would be okay for him to repost images of French wrestler Tristan Archer which he found on my blog. I do not own the rights to those images (they were posted on various sites and social media accounts), so I told him it was ok (to see this post, click here). PecTease inspired me to do a post on the topic of man cleavage; here are four beefcake wrestlers who I think make the cut. P.S. Personally, I like wearing low cut tank tops and V-neck tees. I like feeling my chest "breathe" especially in hot, stifling weather.
First up, French wrestler Tyson Dos Santos (aka Tyson Furia).

Tyson is really showing off those pecs.

Squeezing to get deeper cleavage.

Unedited pic. He really did post this on social media.

Next up is Belgian wrestler Mike D. Vecchio

Nothing like a loose, low cut tank top to show off those pecs.

An unzipped jacket really shows off that inner pec muscle.

Giving the fans a peek of pec.

Here's American wrestler The Big O in an unbuttoned cardigan.

Oops, a nip slip. That scarf can't cover up those huge pec muscles.

Another nip slip. That's not how you play PecTease, Big O.

Deepening that crease with exercises on a bench.

Here's the beefcake who started it all, Tristan Archer.

He's really working his pecs here.

Unedited photo. Based on the number of cleavage pics he posts, I think
Archer considers this his favorite part of his body.



  1. You have committed a gross Sin of Omission. As great as these guys are, how can you have pics of pecs without Mr Pectacular - Jesse Godderz?

    1. I couldn't find good pics of Jesse showing off his man cleavage. He's always bare chested in photographs. But worry not; a whole post on Mr. PECtacular is coming very soon.

  2. Wow, really appreciating the shoutout! And the cleavage! Especially Tyson's — wow!