Thursday, February 23, 2017

Charlie Whups Ass

Check out this Swiss Wrestling Zone match that Catchzone uploaded to YouTube : Fabio Ferrari vs. Charlie Garrett. In this bout, Englishman Garrett is the babyface to Ferrari's heel. Garrett clearly enjoys charming the crowd with his winning smile and boundless energy. In the middle of the match, he pulls down Ferrari's trunks and spanks the Italian's bare butt cheeks several times. Here are some screen caps I took from the video..

Here are some professionally photographed images from the same match.


  1. Great find! Thanks for sharing.
    Just when we all start searching under "Sterling," too. :-)

  2. Some very interesting footage can be found by searching for "Charlie Garrett". Especially if you add the word "naked" to the end of his name. You can all thank me later ;-)

  3. Charlie Garrett is fantastic but he doesn't hold a candle to Fabio Ferrari. There's just something about Fabio that I find irresistible.