Friday, February 24, 2017

Maxwell Goes For The Gold

Way to rock those tight gold trunks, Maxwell Jacob Feinstein.

Feinsein's opponent here is Mike Verna.

And when he's not in gold, Feinstein can be seen in this dark little number.

Watch Feinstein go up against Caleb Konley in this match uploaded to YouTube last month.
Maxwell Jacob Feinstein vs Caleb Konley


  1. Yummy, shiny gold trunks, indeed.

    Honestly I'd rather have the scanty loin cloth plain gold than embellished by no matter how artistic a design. The contours of what lies concealed are more well served--or so it seems to me. Even so, these are excellent pix of MJF and his nether regions. Verna is himself quite a plum.

    I am also thankful for the links to matches which Bruno seems to be documenting more than has been the case in the past. I follow where Bruno leads--with pleasure. TT

  2. Mr. Feinstein has got some eye-dropping legs on him!