Thursday, April 20, 2017

Brazilian Beefcake

WWE/NXT have another Brazilian beefcake in their roster (aside from Adrian Jaoude). Meet Cezar Bononi, the 6'6", 265 pound native of Sao Paolo who is also known as V8 (yes, V8, like the canned beverage made from vegetables). Like many other NXT wrestlers, Bononi worked in security for WWE events before joining the squad. You can read up on Bononi here. These pics come to us from longtime contributor and good friend of this blog David. Thanks for sharing these amazing pics of Bononi with us, David!

Also at the event were these two "security personnel"/potential wrestlers, but David and I haven't been able to identify them. Can anyone tell us who they are?


  1. It could also be V8 like the high horsepower muscle car engines ;-)

  2. He was also called "Big Block," by which it is easy to find his Brazilian Wrestling Fed matches. Here one against Tim Anderson (also yummy)from 2015. Anon.:

  3. My first impression of Cezar Bononi'd facial expressions, espec. in Pix ## 1 & 2, is that he is a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal. But the rest of the box is fit for a gourmet. Thanks to Anonymous for the URL tip. tt

  4. Bononi is hot no doubt ... the beard and the haircut make him look like a real badass imho... but more importantly --- does WWE have Roderick Strong jobbing for Bononi?

  5. Haha yeah we should seriously start looking at NXT security guards to get a sense of who will be in ring next.

    Roddy Strong back to being a jobber? Now that's hot

    1. NXT has always made the newest trainees work as security. They have always been the ones to look at to know who we will see in the ring after a year or so.

  6. I was there with David. Two things. V8 definitely refers to an engine, big and powerful. Cezar lost the match. Roddy is no jobber.