Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tyler Turns Twenty

Here's something I just learned today -- I share a birthday with English wrestler Tyler Bate (March 7).  Bate turned twenty years old last month. Only twenty and already a WWE United Kingdom Champion. Not only that, Bate is one of two wrestlers in WWE history to win a championship as a teenager (he was 19 at the time), the other being Rene Dupree. Bate is the youngest inaugural champion and the youngest single's champion in WWE history. This guy is going places!

With Moustache Mountain tag team partner Trent Seven


  1. I'll buy him a beer when he turns 21.

  2. Tyler has a unique style which must be off=outing to his opponents. He looks great and has such talent. Barring injury he should be around for many years.
    I know he's the English Champion but I would like to see him on WWE more often.

  3. I salute his accomplishments.
    OTOH, I know he is very popular with many of the folks here, but, oddly, he does absolutely nothing for me. Anon.

  4. Tyler is great and particularly hot when he is 'suffering' ... he took an great beating from Chris Hero a couple months ago ... (previous to his 'wwe' experience which may ruin him like it does to so many others...)