Monday, April 24, 2017

Muscle Monday : Brandon Locke

Although he may not look it, Brandon Locke is a competitive bodybuilder. Yes, I know. I too am guilty of thinking a bodybuilder has to be huge and thick like Brian Cage or Rob Terry. When he competes as a bodybuilder, Locke is very lean and ripped. He's not just a winner in the bodybuilding scene (he's got the trophies to prove it), he's also a winner in the wrestling ring. Although I don't know which promotion he currently wrestles for, a look at some of his career photos show he's won a few championship belts. Locke is based in the New England area and has been wrestling on and off since 2013. Watch him in this match from December 2016 here. Here's a match from 2013 that you may be interested to watch because it also features a staple of this blog, Mike Bennett.


  1. Absolutely delicious looking man !!!

  2. Yeah he didn't catch my eye on the first pic, but then the others ...

  3. There are three height/weight classes in bodybuilding contests and various body styles from aesthetic to massive.