Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Man Of Steel

Independent wrestler Mike Verna bills himself as The Man of Steel in his matches. Not sure if that phrase is copyrighted by DC Comics, but he's still using it, so I guess it's ok. Watch him in action against General Romero here.


  1. When a man looks like he could break you in two with his pinkie would you really be eager to go after him for copyright infringement?

  2. FYI, Verna also wrestles in the Chikara promotion under the name "Sloan Caprice," in a tag team called "the Closers." Anon.

  3. I love the back-to-back postings of Verna and MJF. They've got good rivalry chemistry. Verna more mature, masculine and do-good hero; MJF more arrogant, whiny, youthful heel. MJF just put out a reel for himself and I must say I enjoy him showcasing beating down the stud that is Verna.

    I remember when Verna was more a part of a collection of posts on this site. Glad he's promoted to being the topic of a post with all pics dedicated to him. I overlooked him too much, but at least I see what a A-list wrestle meat he is.

    Oh and thanks for the tip Anon. Sadly he does not get worked over as much as a heel it seems which is where I think he shines.