Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's Watch Some Wrestling!

I watched a couple of matches on YouTube today and made some screen caps for your enjoyment. First up, WCPW's Exit Wounds event featuring a bout between Will Ospreay and Drew Galloway. This is an exciting match with a lot of action in and out of the ring. Here are screen caps from the first 10 minutes or so of said match.

Ospreay is business on top, wrestling on the bottom.

So that's what that tie is for.

Next, here's "Flawless" Blake Morris vs "The Machine" Sam Shields from June of last year. Both wrestlers are evenly matched and there's a lot of give and take between the two. Some of the moves could have been executed more flawlessly (no pun intended), but otherwise, it's nice to see these beefcakes going at each other in front of a small crowd.

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