Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Steinbolt's Trunks

As I said in my last post on Swedish wrestler Steinbolt, I'm late to the Steinbolt-in-trunks party. He made the switch from singlet to Speedo-style ring gear sometime last year and here are the photos in case you haven't seen what he looks like these days. In the first batch of pics, he's wearing bright yellow trunks underneath a sequinned full-length robe. In the second batch, he's wearing a black pair with a bit of sheen.  Which color/pair do you think suits him better?


  1. The yellow trunks and boots seem to complement his overall look imho... and that last pic could have qualified as a BoW 'caption this' 😉

  2. I prefer "my" wrestlers not to look like Liberace. tt

    1. Agree, prefer the dark color. The yellow and blue are the Swedish national colors, of course. Anon.

  3. Cannot go wrong with black. The briefer, the better!

  4. Go with the yellow. Love the boots too. And the blue pads and the high socks are rad.

  5. Definitely go with black for that tall, beautifully muscular body