Friday, May 19, 2017

Brodie and Braydon

We've got two beefcake wrestlers to check out today. First up, making his first appearance on this blog, is Big Brodie Marshall. Brodie is Australian and on the roster of Adelaide-based promotion Riot City Wrestling. He's 6'6" (or 6'10", I get conflicting reports) tall and weighs 230 pounds. This two time champion is also one half of a tag team called The Savage Gentlemen. Watch him wrestle blonde beefcake Nick Armstrong here and against hunky Chris Basso here.

With tag team partner Tyler Fields.
 Now here's Florida-based American wrestler Braydon Knight. This former football player is 6'1" tall and weighs 225 pounds. Watch him go up against another beefcake, Seth Petruzelli, here and here.


  1. Lookn' good. Thanks, Bruno. tt

  2. Following up, if you like BBM, try

    I also liked Nick Armstrong as well as several others. Material perhaps for future BoW blogs. tt

  3. Looking that last picture of Braydon especially. Just what is he pointing at? ;)

  4. Braydon Knight (real name Doug Sessa) is from Long Island, NY, and originally started out in NYWC (after semi-pro football), where Tony Nese used to be a regular. He has since moved down to Florida, which, because it is the home of NXT, is a wrestling hotbed. Knight seems to be on of those guys whose body varies between "fab" and "flab." Maybe it is a lack of discipline. Anon.
    Here's his match against Nese five or so years ago, when both looked great:

  5. A post on Seth Petruzelli might be interesting too. He has a ton of experience with MMA (he even appeared on a season of The Ultimate Fighter). He also coaches striking for WWE NXT. So it's cool to see him transitioning from MMA to professional wrestling - I wish him the best of luck!