Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jay's Back

After quite a long absence from the pages of this blog, Jay White from New Zealand is back. I didn't recognize him at first when I saw these pictures because 1. he's gotten bigger and 2. his hair is long. Here he is in a recent event mounted by Dublin-based promotion Over The Top Wrestling. All photos are by John Morrissey for Over The Top Wrestling.


  1. Jeez Louise -- the last one on the ringside chair! Talented wrestlers meet talented cameraman.

  2. Who is JW's opponent? Looks like he may be of equal interest. Usually don't like long hair, but JW's adds to his persona, I think. He is still a teensy bit too smooth. Perhaps he could use better "definition." But he is fine as he is. tt

  3. Looks like Marty Scurll to me.