Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hello, Gallo

I recently came across a match on YouTube featuring a young Gabriel Gallo and boy was I surprised! I didn't expect the Gabriel Gallo I'm familiar with today and the GQ Gallo (the ring name he was using back then) to be one and the same guy. Here are some recent pics of 38 year old Gallo (6'2", 224 lbs.):
WCWC match against Alexander Hammerstone

Couldn't find this match on YouTube,
but there's an older match between these two
which you can watch here.

With current tag team partner Dom Vitali. 

Here are some images of him from way back when his ring name was GQ Gallo (turns out he also wrestled for Cyberfights). 

Watch GQ Gallo in action here.

BONUS: If you like to watch thick, beefy wrestlers go at it, watch this match between Gallo and JR Kratos.

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  1. WoW ... yeah, I remember the younger version of Gallo and followed his website until he seemed to drop off the scene ... I kinda noticed he returned but these are some of the best pics of his new look. What a beast!
    Bruno, Great job on this report ... RayAtL