Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Body Shots

Charlie Garrett

Tino Sabatelli

Air Adonis

Dezmond Xavier

Ashton Vuitton

Flex Jordan

Dustin Starr

Area and Shawn Daivari

Ethan Page

Robbie Dynamite


  1. Beautiful collection, as always! Haven't seen a vid of Flex Jordan for ages, although I see he just wrestled in 6-man tag match on 27 May.
    Here's another wrestler, Tyler Gaines, I think he is an improvement on Ethan Page, and he likes to flex and sometimes bicep-curl his opponents. Anon.:
    His matches are all over Youtube, but here are two in which he takes a lot of punishment:

  2. He's okay but not an improvement on Page for me.

    But then I have such a thing for Ethan Page. I think it started when he got a little more fit (he used to be more chunky), kinda like Chris Pratt.

  3. Tyler is very hot. I like how he used his opponent as a weight to do a few reps. I also love a good outdoor match. The guys get really sweaty. *swoon*

    1. Glad to find likeminded folks. And I love outdoor matches too! Here is another Tyler Gaines match outdoors. Anon.:

  4. Happy to see more fans of Tyler Gaines. He's skyrocketed to the top of my favorite wrestlers list when I first found out about him. Aside from being a great fun wrestler, he also has one of the best physiques I've ever seen. Those biceps... *faints*

    1. Just noticed that Bruno posted Tyler Gaines this past November. Maybe Tyler is due for an update? Anon.

  5. that pic of the daivari brothers is so hot!!!!!!