Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Air Up There

Many readers have asked for a feature on this wrestler and finally, here it is. The truth is, I've held off for so long because I once saved a photo of a beefcake wrestler who was identified as Air Adonis, but after Googling his name, the other images I saw did not match that of the one I had. Confused, I decided to postpone verifying who it was in the picture and, like most procrastinators, time passed and I forgot about Air Adonis (by the way, I finally found out who it was in the first picture I saved, he's another Canadian wrestler who goes by the name Nelson Creed -- more on him soon). Adonis also wrestles as Daniel Adonis and has been a mainstay with the Canadian promotion Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) since 2012. The 29 year old Canadian has also wrestled for All Star Wrestling, Wise Pro Wrestling, Invasion Championship Wrestling, and a couple of other independent promotions in his native country.

Bonus Shot: Adonis posted this selfie on social media last month.


  1. Here's a very recent match where he is wearing his AA trunks, against a BoW-worthy opponent, Kaden Talbain. Anon.

  2. He needs to work on his posture a bit (some of the latter pics), otherwise spoiling his a stellar physique.

  3. I think some pro wrestlers do it for the exhibitionism of it all. AA clearly loves showing off as much as possible. He'd probably go nude if he could. More power to him!