Monday, May 22, 2017

Muscle Monday : Dusty Gold

Thanks to one of this blog's readers for calling my attention to independent wrestler Dusty Gold. This is Gold's first appearance on Beefcakes Of Wrestling and not a minute too soon! I couldn't find any stats on Gold (age? height/weight?), all I know is he's on the roster of Texas-based promotions North Texas Wrestling Alliance and Texoma Pro Wrestling. If you're wondering why he's this Muscle Monday's guy, just check out his abs. Abdominal muscles are a thing, too, right? Watch him in action in this match from January 2017 and this match from March 2017.


  1. Don't like the high waisted trunks in the first few pics. Kerry Von Erich and Alberto Del Rio both used to wear them and I always thought they looked a size too big. Great abs though!

  2. Glad you liked the contribution, Bruno. Gold also wrestles for Impact Zone Wrestling. I recommend/ed this match of his about 1h 7min into this show. He takes a lot of punishment. Anon.:

  3. Does that tat on his chest say Lane? I can always hope it's Lane Hartley...

    1. I think his real name is Charles Lane.