Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Hybrid

Why does independent American wrestler Clark Connors call himself "The Hybrid?" Because as a hybrid, he says he's the perfect combination of strength, speed, skill, smarts, and style. Connors was first featured here last August 2017. He's relatively new in the business, but I have a hunch he'll go over quickly. He has appeared in at least a couple of West Coast Wrestling Championship shows this year; you can watch those episodes here and here.


  1. Oddly my favorite pic is the bare chest jeans photo. Maybe it's the expression on his face, it's a cross between a smirk and a leer.

  2. You want to talk about wrestler who can sell some tickets based solely on their physique...this boy has the golden standard for a bubbled butt wrestler-and he loves to prove it to you...damn it jiggly caliente