Monday, July 18, 2011

The Belt

Here are images of beefcake wrestlers proudly showing off their championship belts. Which one these hunks is your favorite?
Romeo Roselli

Lex Luger

Dolph Ziggler

Bazooka Joe

Jaxon Dane

Trent Barretta

Sylvain Grenier

Davey Richards

The British Bulldogs

Dr. Wagner



  1. Bazooka Joe has a great webpage with his "modeling" beefcake shots and I'd love to know where you can follow him today. What a waste of a beautiful wrestling talent. Just so hunky good looking, All-American.

  2. For those who haven't seen Bazooka Joe's modeling beefcake shots, just click on his tag and check out all his previous posts on this blog.

  3. Sorry, I meant click on the label that says "Bazooka Joe." I haven't been able to find anything new or recent concerning Bazooka Joe. Is he still wrestling?

  4. Bazooka Joe is a stud. Those modelling shots of his are awesome. And even better, he looks great in trunks. I'd go with a tie between him and Romeo.

  5. whew --- here's another vote for Bazooka Joe... he really makes me fire. But Rosellit is a close runner-up.

  6. romeo, from the heart throbs is lovely, but bazooka joe mmm umm. Always love my sylain though. I miss grenier. x