Thursday, July 7, 2011

Solid Steele

A couple of years ago, I came across this photo on a wrestling website.

I wondered, "who is this well-built guy in the tight black briefs? Is he wrestling in India? Do they even have pro-wrestling in India?" (The answer to that last question is yes.) About a couple of years ago, I found out who he is his...Jason Steele. Born Jason McGinn in Aberdeen, Scotland, Jason made his pro wrestling debut in 2005 after a couple of years competing in the South African strongman circuit. He came to America 5 years ago and wrestled for World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) as Jason The Terror. A couple of years ago he started appearing on a wrestling/entertainment show in India. While there, he also trained many Indian pro wrestlers for the WWP tryouts in Bombay. Jason is 6 ft. tall and recently turned 31 years old.

Watch Jason in a match that aired on Indian television here and here. And Jason goes up against fan favorite P.J. Black (now better known as WWE's Justin Gabriel) here (the video quality is bad, but Jason and P.J./Justin are hot in this match).


  1. There should be a rule. If wrestlers are going to wear trunks to wrestle, they should always be small, tight, skimpy, preferebly in white and about 2-3 sizes too small.