Monday, July 11, 2011

What's Your Favorite Kind of Ring Gear?

If you're a professional wrestler, you know that image and presentation are as important as ring skills and wrestling proficiency. Way, way back in the day, the first professional wrestlers wore very little -- just some tight-fitting trunks and boots. Wrestling was considered a legitimate sport and the no-nonsense look of the wrestlers underscored this idea. Many of today's wrestlers still sport this basic uniform.
Derek Sanders

Hector Graza

Similar to what the first pro wrestlers wore and more modest than the "speedos"-style of ring gear are these body-hugging square cuts.
Desmond Wolfe (?)

Jason Riggs

Singlets are typically worn in amateur competitions; a  singlet covers up a big part of the wrestler's upper body, but still provides a teasing glimpse of chest and upper back muscle.


Long form-fitting tights are another popular choice for wrestlers who want more coverage.
Jaxon Dane

Claudio Castagnoli (circa 2008)

Then there are the hybrid trunks/tights. My take on this unusual type of gear is: "Make up your mind. What are you? Trunks or tights?"
Zack Ryder

Some wrestlers like to wear regular clothes like jeans or camouflage pants in the ring.
Unidentified French Wrestler

Then there's the tanktop-and-tights combination.
Joey Cabray

And finally, there's ring gear that covers up the wrestler from head to toe (oh c'mon guys, if you've got it, flaunt it!).

So which of the looks shown here is your favorite?


  1. For me, the classic speedos. Roderick Strong, Davie Richards, Adam Page - they know what the crowd came to see. Funny, they think putting designs or writing on their little speedos makes it less gay or something.

    What I'm missing is the classic good guy vs. heel angle these days.

    Another one worth mentioning - Jon Moxley who isn't that bad looking a guy and who is more known for those extreme barbed wire-flourescent tube smashing matches but always wears his black speedos.

  2. Speedos and square Cuts for sure. But some wrestlers look great in Singlets, but prefer the style where the front comes down below the chest. (see clip of Sid Vicious -

  3. Singlets FTW!

    Nothing drives me wilder than a big strong chest busting out of a tight singlet #drool

  4. Speedos or squarecuts every time, especially with white boots for the jobber or face.

    The exception is tights, as long as Rick Rude is wearing them!

  5. For the record, I'm going to say speedos are my favorite type of ring gear. Even when on the chunky side (like the UK's Dave Mastiff), I like seeing a wrestler wearing as little as possible.

  6. It has to be the speedo
    (I wish wrestlers would copy Sexxxy Eddy as he does have the hottest/tiniest trunks)

    The 'semi' (..I cant imagine why that name came to mind!!) trunks like Zack Ryder used to wear is kinda hot - it gives the impession you can see more up the short cut side - although its just regular short trunk length.
    Eventhough these are hot, thankfully Zack Ryder has discovered the short trunks and can show off those huge thighs of his!

    The rest of the ring attite is also important in how sexy the wrestler looks -
    The legs of Cody Rhodes look great without the knee pads.
    - and imagine those legs with the small wrestling boots Roderick Strong used to wear a few years ago.
    These 2 looks really show off the wrestlers muscular legs.

    Really all wrestlers should learn 'less is more' when it comes to what they should wear

  7. ps- any idea who the wrestler dressed as captain amercia in last photo is?

  8. I go with the speedo cut everytime!

  9. I gotta go with the trunks worn by the classic heels of the 1980s like Arn Anderson or Tully Blanchard ... not exactly ‘speedo-y’, but not exactly square cuts either ... though will take those styles based on what is usual today. And gotta say ‘Woof’ on Oliver Johns --- just not enough hot pics or videos available of that guy!

  10. Always excited when someone changes to the speedo, like Jericho and the Miz did... I wish AJ Styles would go back to squarecuts. But I think John Morrison's too slender for anything else. Somehow, Cody Rhodes is sexier without the knee pads, but I don't know why.