Thursday, July 7, 2011

Domination's The Name Of The Game

One of the most riveting sights in pro wrestling is when one wrestler, usually the aggressor, dominates his opponent. Here are some examples.
Can anyone identify the man on top?

Blake Warning

Buff Bagwell (aka Marcus Bagwell)

Can anyone ID the wrestler being dominated here?

Billy Kidman

Josh Daniels

John Cena Dominates Wade Barrett

Valkabious is victorious.

Sexxxy Eddie gets dominated.


  1. i think this is your sexiest post yet.

    martha stewart

  2. Who are the guys in the second and the last pics?

  3. Marcus Bagwell and Billy Kidman look hot dominating their opponents. Always liked the both of them.

  4. The dominator in the second pic is UK wrestler Blake Warning. I haven't been able to find any ID on the wrestlers in the last pic.

  5. The hottie being dominated in the last pic is Sexxxy Eddie

  6. Does anyone have an ID for the guy s in pic #1 and #2?

  7. 2nd picture down-Blake Warning,( One of my favorite shots ) Blake, having obviously given the kid on the mat a good shot ( Great Suffering on the kid's part ) moving in unbeknownst to his victim, Intent ( the look on HIS face ) to inflict more of a beating to him. ( And Im sure he got one ! )

  8. Pic of Josh Daniels....All I can invision happening from said point foward is Daniels Landing an Elbow shot directly to the Jobbers Throat. Line that Elbow/Bicep up to the ( waiting ) Target, then Drill it in. NICE!