Friday, July 29, 2011

The Man With The Eight-Pack Abs

You know how fitness magazines tout having those much-desired six-pack abs? Well, über-hot indie wrestler Tony Nese has those publications beaten because he's got an eight-pack! Check him out in this July 16 Evolve Wrestling match against John Silver. Nese didn't win the match, but his sexy good looks and that incredible body make him a real winner in my book. Best abs in the business! (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

There they are...count 'em. 

Damn those abs!

They're really popping here.

Upside-down washboard.


  1. God damn he is just beautiful. i could look at him all day!! And you are right his body is to die for those abs area amazing.

  2. Would love to work that 8 pack over.

  3. great abs sure but good looks? I see regular guys walking down the street with handsomer faces than him. You want good looks with 8 pac abs check out randy Orton or john Morrison!