Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recognize This Fella?

Do you recognize who this youngster with dreams of becoming a pro wrestler is? He was one of pro wrestling's best-looking men in the 1990s.

The good-looking kid in the pics above is WCW star Marcus Alexander Bagwell. Bagwell made his pro wrestling debut wearing a mask and calling himself The Handsome Stranger. Much later on, he reinvented himself as a heel called Buff Bagwell. My favorite Bagwell period as when he and Scotty Riggs teamed up as The American Males. They feuded bitterly after the team up broke up, but whether they were together or apart, they were hot to watch!

With Scotty Riggs (The American Males)

Riggs vs. Bagwell


  1. He was and continues to be one of favorite from that era. His cocky attitude and good looks, not to mention that hard muscle bod, made him so.

  2. Long standing story is bagwell got his first wrestling contract by blowing the promoter who then had one of the federations managers blow bagwell