Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Gift For The Holidays

One of this blog's contributors, David, emailed me a set of awesome pics he shot last Nov. 28 of an FCW match between uberbeefcakes Mason Ryan (aka Barri Griffiths) and Leo Kruger (yes, Mason still makes appearances in FCW, in fact, he's still on their roster). A week after this match, David was on a flight to Tokyo and guess who was also on the same flight? Mason and many other wrestlers on WWE/FCW's roster. Now that's serendipity! Thanks, David for these great pics! By the way, you didn't tell me who won this match, but I'm guessing it was Mason.


  1. Wow, INDEED! Check out that THIRD pic from the top: it sure looks to me like Mason's checkin' out Leo's basket! I'll bet there was some post-match "Kolbasa" munchin'! And these look like two VERY hungry men! Oh yeah! In that first picture of Mason, it looks like he's grown a third HAND down there! Now THAT'd sure come in "handy" for readjusting the NADS every now and then...among OTHER things that a third hand could be doing down there! :D

  2. I agree with everything you said MIKE. I would so love to be working on Mason sexy crotch. I love the first picture the best, and that is one sexy bulge he's got.