Sunday, December 4, 2011

Before They Were Famous

Recognize these "before" pictures of some of pro-wrestling's most recognizable stars? This is Scott Hall...

...before he became Razor Ramon.

Never heard of Jean Paul Levesque?

You might know him more as Triple H.

Randall Poffo? That's not an easy name to remember.

"Macho Man" Randy that's a much better name!

Thanks to Bob.Seven for the Scott Hall/Razor Ramon images.


  1. I liked Scott Hall in his WCW Diamond Stud days.

  2. Even before they were famous they still were hot

  3. I loved Scott Hall and Jean Paul Levesque and do remember them before they changed names. Hall wrestled for a while under his real name before becoming Diamond Stud. As for Randy, what a body! He was so hot.