Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrilla In Manila 2012

Blog follower Mike emailed me with exciting news of a wrestling event coming to my neck of the woods, The Philippines, in 2012. On Feb. 4, a slew of former WWE wrestlers will be in Manila to compete in "Champions Showcase 2012." Among them are this fella...
Chris Masters

And these two guys as well.
Shawn Daivari

Shelton Benjamin

Thanks for the heads up, Mike!


  1. Exciting news! I didn't know you were from the Philippines (I am, too) even after following this blog from the start.

  2. Great line-up... Hope u go and blog about it....

  3. Very sexy guys! Daivari is the best looking one in the group, and what a body! Masters is awesome too. Benjamin is well hung.