Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Ham or Beefcake?

Here are match pics of Romeo Roselli in a match against Slyk Wagner Brown from November 2011. Look at Roselli hamming it up for the camera. The guy sure loves the spotlight. Nice white shorts, by the way. (Photos by Christine Coons)


  1. VERY nice, but I'll ALWAYS prefer Roselli in his "Heart Throbs" SPEEDO-style wrestling trunks. (As far as wrestling attire goes, "LESS" shall ALWAYS be OH SOOOO much "MORE"!) I think Roselli would prefer to wear "LESS" too!

  2. Nice trunks but the lips should have been bigger and lower. He sure knows he's hot. Too bad there were no pictures of his backside. It looks like he has something there too.