Thursday, December 8, 2011

Before He Was Mason Ryan

Looking for some Mason Ryan here on Beefcakes of Wrestling? If you noticed, there is no label for the WWE star in the right-hand column below (edit: now there is!). That's because before Ryan joined FCW (2010) and WWE, he went by his real name Barri Griffiths and I've always referred to him as such. In his native Wales and in the UK, Barri wrestled as "Celtic Warrior," "Hercules" and "Smackdown Warrior" (circa 2006) before appearing on the UK version of the TV show "Gladiators" (2009).  I presume Griffiths was spotted by WWE talent scouts while appearing on that show and the rest, as they say, is history. Watch a trailer for Barri's "Y Reslar" documentary which aired in Wales in 2010 here.
Gladiator Goliath

With fellow Gladiator Oblivion (Nick Aldis)

Wrestling as Gladiator Goliath

As Mason Ryan on FCW

From the "Y Reslar" documentary on Barri Griffiths


  1. What an EXTRAORDINARY-looking man; solid mass, perfect definition, such excellent proportions, tree-trunk legs, stunningly intense eyes, and a Welsh accent that's as strong as the man speaking it! Simply put...Barri's BEAUTIFUL, but it's difficult to understand him when he speaks! Hmmm. How about this: Drop yer trunks, lie down, spread 'em, and don't say a word...but you may moan, grunt, or growl anytime you feel the need!!!

  2. Damn he's hot! On his Gladiators pix he looks like he's into some hot S&M action. I love the white trunks on him. And the picture of him and Brutus Magnus is hot too.

  3. Hot, hot origins. Man, I wish American Gladiators had branched into wrestling, the way Goliath wrestled. Always wanted to see "Titan" Mike O'Hearn in a wrestling match. (Well I guess they DID have Matt Morgan on it for a couple episodes.)

  4. Actually, the American Gladiators did do professonal wrestling. Nitro and his real-life roommate did a gay BG East wrestlong fetish video grappling each other clad only in skin-tight spandex leggings. Mike O'Hearn did some "Black Matches" with fellow bodybuilder Frank Sepe while under development contract with WWE, but never did a televised bout.