Friday, December 23, 2011

Muscle vs. Muscle

Here they of the match between muscle monsters Rob Terry and Bobby Lashley from Family Wrestling Entertainment's "Haastility" event held in New York on Dec. 12. Lashley won via DQ.

But wait, before we get to that bout, here's an appetizer. Robbie E (aka Rob Eckos) was also featured in the card that night. He faced - and won over - Tommy Dreamer and then interfered in the Terry-Lashley bout. Let's check it out.

Rob Terry stands behind his buddy.

Now let's get to the main feature. Strap yourselves in...I've uploaded a lot of pics for your viewing pleasure. (All photos by Scott Finkelstein)

Terry tries to intimidate Lashley.

Robbie E is dwarfed by Terry.

Terry picks up the massive Lashley like he was a doll.

For a huge man, Lashley is surprisingly agile.

Here's your winner...Bobby Lashley!


  1. WOW! Worth the wait! Thanks Bruno.

  2. Thanks for the pics. Hope there is video (and a rematch) soon!

  3. So much muscle and testosterone from these two muscle hunks! Great to see Bobby back in action, and up against the equally massive Rob. They are both sexy!