Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Isle Of Capri

Blog subscriber Luis sent me a link to a site that featured one of my favorite indie wrestlers, Vic Capri. Capri - 5'7", 195 lbs - first started wrestling in 1998, but he retired in 2003 due to an injury. Luckily for us, he returned to the scene in 2011. Capri says, "I have returned to wrestling after 8 years and am driven by hate and anger for the people who pushed me aside during my absence. I've healed from my injuries and am back to my former self. Knee strikes and suplexes are my specialty along with the lack of concern for myself and my opponent's well-being." Them's fighting words! Here are some recent pics of this hot, hot heel.


  1. Didn't you mean "I love Capri"?

    1. Oh Joe, you know me so well. ;-)

  2. Seems like wrestlers just are getting better and better looking Vic is great

  3. Very few men can pull off that pose in pic #8 and still be sexy! Oh, how I love Vic Capri!