Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jessie's World

Jessie Godderz wants you to know that it's his world and you're only living in it. Here are pics from some of his recent OVW matches. (Photos by Pamela Barnett)

"If she thinks she's hotter than me, she's got another think coming..."

With Rob Terry and the rest of the Mascagni Family


  1. Awesome photos.
    I wish he wasnt with Rob Terry (both hot wrestlers, but Jesse has a much better overall look) ..as he makes Jesse look alot smaller than he really is.
    But, woah.. these are great pics. Cheers

  2. I would be happy living in his world :)

  3. Jesse looks amazing in those black trunks. I love that you can see his bulge in the first one. Great package! He is gorgeous!