Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Mark of Corleone

An old friend of mine here in Manila, also a wrestling fan, just got back from a holiday in Mexico and while he was there, he took in one lucha libre show. When I asked him who wrestled in the show, he named some lucha stars I'm not familiar with. "Oh, and there was some guy named Corleone," he added. "Corleone? You mean Marco Corleone?" I replied. "That's (former WWE star) Mark Jindrak!" Apparently, my friend is not a fan of Jindrak aka Corleone. "He had great abs, but he was pale and his Speedos were baggy," he said unimpressed (I think my friend is into Latinos more than he's into white guys.). Well I don't care what my friend says; if that was me at the show, I'd be thrilled to be in the front row watching this beefcake up close and personal. These pictures show you why.

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  1. WOW surprised your friend did not know who he was but damn wish i had seen him