Friday, March 9, 2012

Knight In Shining Armor

Here's New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC)'s "The American" Braydon Knight (6'1", 232 lbs.), a former professional football player, minor league football player and Suffolk County wrestling champion. Braydon started out with a clean-cut, All-American look (see pics below); he's since had a "makeover" and now sports some facial hair and new ring gear.

With Greek God Papadon

Braydon's current look


  1. There's something about stars-and-stripes gear...

  2. Right on, Stay Puft! HELLS, YEAH! I love that one, bulging, widely-stretched, distorted, thick RED stripe which runs right through the centre of Braydon's groin region! "OLD GLORY", indeed!

  3. Nice package on him love the suit!

  4. Damn Braydon is a hot "cross" of Chris Evans and Roderick Strong! Love to see Braydon against Roddy!