Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Von Erich Legacy

Blog reader Sanjhunt emailed me with news of a new breed of Von Erich wrestlers. Ross and Marshall, the sons of wrestling icon Kevin Von Erich, moved to Japan early this year to train and wrestle with NOAH, a major pro wrestling promotion in that country. Ross and Marshall are third generation wrestlers (grandfather Fritz was a legendary heel in the 50s-60s and uncles Kerry, Chris, Mike and David were all pro wrestlers, too). According to T.U.P. Wrestling Forum, Ross has fooled around with wrestling for a couple of years.  Rumor was that Kevin wanted him to go to college first.  And since Kevin and his mother own the trademark on the Von Erich name, Ross had to appease the old man first.  Now that younger brother Marshall wants in, it looks like Kevin has come around." I haven't come across any pics or videos of the Von Erich brothers in a match yet. Perhaps we'll see them in the squared circle very soon. In the meantime, here are a few pics I found on the internet. The pics of older brother Ross (the one to watch) are from his MySpace page. 
Marshall (center), Ross (right) and Buddy Roberts Jr. (left)

With dad Kevin in Japan.

The boys train with their dad (click on image to enlarge).

Ross Von Erich (real name Ross Adkisson)

Dad Kevin in his prime.

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