Monday, March 26, 2012

Striker Scandal

Why am I learning about this only now? Apparently, back in 2009, some revealing pictures of Matt Striker were leaked online by a former partner. The cell phone pictures were allegedly taken by the former high school teacher and were sent to someone who then felt the need to share them with a celebrity gossip site.  At the time this happened, Matt was a commentator for ECW, one of WWE's brands.

Backstage with the boys.

Surrounded by beefcake.

Here are some relatively recent pics of Matt back in action in New York. Can't say I like his choice of ring gear, but I'm glad he's wrestling again.


  1. Damn I forgot how sexy he really is!!

  2. Matt is a great looking Man, those cell pics are pretty tame really. i agree with you not in love with his new gear at all.

  3. Leatherpigboy, there were also pictures he took where he dropped the towel. Those were...less tame.

    And I'm of the popular opinion--great to see he's wrestling again, but miss the skimpier trunks! Still sexy though.