Friday, July 6, 2012

Davey's Wild Ride

Davey Richards faced Kevin Steen in Ring Of Honor's Best In The World : Hostage Crisis 2012 event held in New York last June 26. The "No Disqualification" match saw both combatants use chairs, ladders and even a chain to gain the upper hand. In the end, Steen pinned Richards for the win.
Here comes Mr. Intensity!

Steen offers Richards a seat (or two).

Davey ties the chain around his boot and uses it on Steen.

Someone forgot to use the spike in the ring.

Let's take a closer look at that last pic.

"I should have used the spike."


  1. Awww... lookit those last few pictures... I just want to... tend to him...

  2. At this past ROH Hostage Crisis, arrogant butch muscle man Davey Richards was beaten up and beautifully destroyed by Kevin Steen.

    Richards started the match, strutting through the crowd cocky, loud and boastful. A tight black t-shirt fully defined his muscled chest and large arms. Silver silk speedos exposed the full curve of his powerful ass and put his naked thighs on full display. His heavy crotch jutted straight out, demanding attention as the centerpiece of his manhood.

    By the end of the fight, Richards lay abused, bewildered, and knocked out in the corner of the ring. His limp body was unceremoniously shoved out out of the ring in utter shame as Steen stood beaming and victorious . Sadly, there are no good quality pix or videos of the proud ex-champion being led away from the ring, dazed, in shock, and senseless - barely able hold himself up because of the pummeling his huge groin had taken.

    Steen had viciously targeted the bulging, full sack which had been the very essence of the muscle man's manhood. The remains of the studmuffin's manliness now only flopped and dangled aimlessly between his legs. Steen also had manhandled Richards' silk speedos at will; by the end of the fight the sweat-soaked material clinging to his ass was disheveled and had lost all shape.

    In what amounted to an act of rape, his Steen ripped out Richards' mouth guard with his own teeth and put it in his own mouth - The violated muscle stud was reduced to writhing on the mat with Steen's taste fresh in his mouth, and dribbling uncontrollably from his lips.

    The prized stud was upset and totally owned. The man had been beaten up. His macho confidence was now total confusion. Oh! What I would give for someone to post the aftermath - as a messy and disoriented Richards is being led out of the arena through a jeering crowd.

  3. Such a hot and talented wrestler. Glad he coming to UK to wrestler this summer, it'll be great to see him in action again.
    To think he spent a couple of years in long wrestling tights - crazy! Glad he is back in the trunks