Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Josh

Beefcakes of Wrestling has a new contributor who wants to share these pics that he shot of his favorite wrestler, Josh Daniels, with us. These were taken a few months ago at an ECPW show in Suffren, New York. Thanks to MEM for these images. Can't wait to see more from you, sir!


  1. HUBBA! HUBBA! Josh sure DOES look good! Those are some REALLY nice shots, MEM! Thank you for having snapped 'em and submitted 'em to Bruno so that we may ALL share in ogling Mr. Daniels' fantastic face, grope-able glutes, and his protruding package. There's nothing quite like a hot, muscular wrestler in long tights. Well, I mean...that is, unless he's stripped OUT OF his long tights, is naked and he is force-feeding you his massive, throbbing shlong whilst straddling your face.

    Yep. I'D say that THAT's just a little bit better! ; )

  2. Great photos of Josh. For such a talented wrestler, I wish he would get given a push ( least then we could watch him wrestle on tv here in UK!)

    He has a 'classic' look about him.

    Im sure I didnt dream this (but it does sound odd) Im sure I saw photos of him online ages ago, wrestling under the name 'the post man' or 'the mail man' or something like that. He was wearing a singlet - shame to cover his upper body, but did see his legs.
    Now I cant find any info/pics of him like this, grrr! Anyone else know about this character of his?

  3. The man is STUNNING !! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !! Thank you MEM, for these shots of a man whom I consider to be "THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE RING"!