Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sizzling Steven

One of this blog's readers left a link in the comments section of an older post here on Beefcakes of Wrestling. The link is to a July 19 match wherein "Sizzling" Steven Walters takes on British indie wrestler/fan favorite/local hero Dean Allmark in Blackpool, UK. After years of watching Steven be the babyface/jobber in the ring, it's refreshing to see him be the heel for a change. Watch the action here.
Sizzling Steven in Blackpool, UK (Photo by Tony Knox)

Steve Walters vs Dean Allmark

Here are some screen caps from the match (sadly, the video quality is not the best.)

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  1. As always, thanks for highlighting Mr. Walters. Your screen grabs look great, especially considering quality of the source material. The work you do on your blog is great.

    I'm glad to see Walters getting this chance. Based on his Twitter feed, it sounds like this is his first international experience. He also said it's him and five other guys living together on the road this summer. Considering they're probably wrestlers, too, that needs to be a reality show!