Monday, July 16, 2012

Mondo Monday

Here are pics of Mike Mondo from one of his last matches with Ohio Valley Wrestling (taken a few months ago). Mondo now wrestles for Ring Of Honor. (Photos by Pamela Barnett)

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  1. Being a Major Fan of Mondo's and ROH, I have never missed a show since it went on the air here in south Florida. Mondo is one Hell of a Man to watch, as he Punishes and works his opponents over. With his Incredible Biceps, Chest and Thighs I could only hope one day he would work into his arsenal, More Side Headlocks and Headscissors. A Jobber being dragged around the ring in a Headlock, Mondo showcasing his punishment, from one corner to another. Catch his victim in a Headscissor, the jobber showcases suffering as Mondo works the scissors, Mondo's cockie attitude showcased as he works the Punishment. I know it would make me want to see that much more of ROH and HIM !!!