Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picture of the Week

Kristian Frost uses Jeff Starr as a cushion.

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  1. J. STARR: Huh? Whah?. I... I'm seeing "spots" before my eyes!

    K. FROST: That's right, punk. Now, I'll just reposition myself a little... there we go. Now...go ahead and take in one last, deep breath. Hey! from this end, I can "see" that you must REALLY like the taste of my asshole. Hold on a sec...I'll bring it closer. Ahhh. There ya' go. How's THAT? Does THAT work any better for ya'? I think I'll just PARK it here for a while. Hey! Is that your TONGUE??? Well don't STOP!!! Keep on goin'! Yeah. THAT's it! DEEPER! Oh yeah! THAT's it! Lick that "FROST-ing"...RIGHT from the bowl! And when you're all done, I'll flip around and let you lick the "FROST-ing" off of my big "wooden" spoon, too! (I've got some oozin' on it now.) Oh yeah! Keep lickin'! KEEP LICKIN'!!! Here. How 'bout if I just grind my ass into...Yeah! OH YEAHHH! THAT's it! OH YEAHHHHHH! Don't stop! Don't you EVER FUC*IN' stop! OHHHH YEAHHHHH!!! ; )