Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grimm's Tale

Making his first appearance here on Beefcakes of Wrestling is Chicago-based indie wrestler Grimm. The photos below were taken by this blog's regular contributor Jim From Chicago at a Chicago Style Wrestling show held on July 13 (also featured in the show -- Vic Capri; photos coming soon).  All I can tell you about this young new wrestler is that he hails from "parts unknown." Maybe we'll find out more about him in the near future. Thanks to Jim for these cool pics!


  1. Never seen/heard of him before, cheers for bringing this 'beefcake' to our attention. Hope we see alot more of him!!

  2. I realize gimmicks are a part of the Pro world, But......when it came to "Face Paint", even as far back as STING, I always found it to be Un-appealing. I found it took away from the fantacy of seeing a guy get punished, or a guy doing the Punishing. Facial expression on both parts played into that fantacy, either in Pain or Pleasure. With the Face Paint gimmick, it ( in my book ) took away from my enjoyment of a face-> suffering or in Pleasure-> making one suffer. Sorry GRIMM, your a hot looking guy-> SHOW IT !!

    1. I'm with you on the face paint, Jobber. I was never a fan of it. The Road Warriors, The Ultimate Warrior, and others were not appealing to me because of the face paint. Look how messy it gets in a match! I think Grimm should lose the face paint and just wrestle "au naturel".

  3. I think he is the dreamiest beefcake of them all