Thursday, February 20, 2014

Body Shots (Smile for the Camera Edition)

Jessie Godderz

Jo Atlas

The Phenomenal Ghent (The Phenomenal Khent)

Chris "The Shark" Andrews

Hungarian Hammer

Austin Aries

Will Ferrara

Tyler Hawke

Scott Phoenix

Zaid Khan

Yoshihiro Tajiri

The Alpha Males : Charlie Garrett and Iestyn Rees


  1. Wow! One of the best photo collections ever! Never seen Khan before. Where'd you find the shot of Ghent? I saw him in a great match with Jo Atlas and been looking for more, without success.

  2. what a great body Chris Andrews has - love to explore that further

  3. Thanks, what a gallery! I have a few "new" ones to share, Simon Falcon, who I think wrestles in the Quebec area, and Mike Verna (real name: Taverna) from NYC. A couple of good vids on Youtube of both, pics of Verna, no stills I've yet found of Falcon.

  4. Jessie Godderz, Jo Atlas and the Hungarian Hammer all in the same post is almost too much! (But it's not!) And everyone is else frosting on top (that's a good thing).

  5. I was looking for Falcon images and came across those for Ghent from the Daily Mail in this article. It's unfortunate since I enjoyed the Atlas match and hoped to see more of him: