Saturday, February 8, 2014

Top 10 Beefcakes Revisited

Beefcakes of Wrestling turns 4 years old this month! I can't believe it's been four years already. This blog has over 2,100 posts, 384 members and over 4.1 million all-time views. Anyway, I think sometime between 2010 and 2011, I came up with my Top 10 Beefcakes of Wrestling list. The wrestlers on this list were my favorites at the time. Some of these guys are not as "active" as they used to be, so maybe it's time I come up with a new list. What about you, reader? Who are your current favorites?
Brett Barnes aka Brett Idol

Davie Richards

Brandon T

Mark Jindrak

Lupe Santiago

Barri Griffiths aka Mason Ryan

Sylvain Grenier

Alex Koslov aka Peter Orlov

Jon Cutler
Jaxon Dane


  1. A nice list! Just a few suggestions - Prince Devitt, Ashton Vuitton, Steve Walters .... and for a pintsize muscleman Tyler Bate.


  2. Are you ready for it? No particular order: Zack Ryder, Rob Terry, Rene Dupree, Prince Devitt, Mexx, Mark Jindrak, Jo Atlas, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Masters, and Mason Ryan. I cut this back from an original 15. Simmering under these guys are: Tony Nese, Strongman Jon Anderson, Vic Capri, Mike Mondo, Jesse Godderz. What'd ya think?

  3. Narrowing it to 10 won't be easy, but lately, I'm digging on Tony Nese, Tomasso Ciampa, David Starr, Davey Richards, Brett Barnes, Jessie Godderz, Phil Shatter (aka Gunner), Mike Hutter (aka Ethan Carter III), John Cena, and Chris Masters.

  4. Your list is still great. Nice to see a lot of those guys again.

    Off the top of my head, my current list would include Mexx, Steven Walters, Leon Shah, Alex Chamberlain, Milad Akkbar, Clay Moore, Jamie Diaz, Ashton Vuitton and Chris Dickinson.

    Brett Barnes/Idol will always be on my list, even if I hardly ever see him any more.

    I'm sure there are tons more, but those are the guys that stand out this morning.

  5. Jaxxon Dane, Cutler, and Lupe are all retired, FYI. A few don't look like their pictures anymore.
    I'd go with most of AlexMiller's list: Steven Walters, Leon Shah, Alex Chamberlain, Milad Akkbar, Jamie Diaz, and add Scott Phoenix, Daniel Adonis, John Atlas, Bo Nekoda, Tyler Colton, Blakestone, Tommy Maclin, & Mike Petersen. But gotta admit Clay Moore, is my favorite.

  6. 4 years old and 4.1 million views... hey, huge congrats!
    A great site you have, that always entertains.