Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Mason

Here are more photos of Mason Ryan that a good friend of this blog, Jim from Chicago, took when he attended a NXT event in Florida recently. Mason is pumped! I'm glad he won against his douchey opponent.


  1. I know we were hurt when Randall, under a previous gimmick, chose to renounce us on this blog, but it doesn't change that I still like to look at him and to watch him wrestle . As I said responding to the first post of Jim's photos, this is a hot match between two hot men. On the whole I'm glad Ryan was the victor, but Slate winning wouldn't have caused me grief. What's with Mason's tongue in the las image? It looks blue!

  2. Mason! Whoo! (I love the hair. But then, I love everything.)

  3. I like to look at him and watch him wrestle also, and if he were the only act in town then I would grit my teeth and try to enjoy it.

    But - we have hundreds of other choices. We see them in this blog every day.

    Even showing or mentioning him in this context shows him a level of respect and gives him a token of publicity.

    I've spent years cowering with self doubt and self pity because I am attracted to scantily clad sexy men. This wrestler's attitude is a throwback to those days. Besides, he's a hypocrite because he still appears in Gay Wrestling videos.

    So, go ahead and sit on the back of the bus if it keeps you comfortable. Go ahead and pay homage to homophobes. I'm moving to the front of the bus with all those beautiful, sexy guys - straight and gay - who honor me by permitting me to fantasize about them.