Monday, February 24, 2014

New Beefcake Mike Verna

Thanks to one of this blog's readers for bringing my attention to East Coast-based independent wrestler Mike "Man of Steel" Verna. I haven't been able to find his stats (age, height, weight), so if anyone can help me out here, please do so. See "The Man of Steel" in action against another beefcake wrestler, Sam Shields, here.


  1. Ooft!.. he is a new one on me (I wish!)
    Cheers for the introduction, I hope we see a lot more of him.
    (I tried to find some details about him, no luck, but he is working as an intern for WWE - they need to get him in the ring!)

  2. I tried, but couldn't find any stats. He's also goes by TAverna.

  3. From his Instagram/Facebook/Twitter pages I deduce that he is from Queens, NY, sells nutritional supplements for a living, coaches kids baseball in his spare time, and is a Mets fan. He also seems to like to take lots of selfies, and his real last name is Taverna.

  4. SO HOT. Seriously. I don't understand how he can look so scary-serious and so hair-touslingly adorable at the SAME TIME.